About us

SmartNow, initially named Connected Molecules, was founded in 2012 in The Netherlands. Because we believed that we could smarten up self-service networks. And we still do. Now, hundreds of thousands of people rely on our platform every day.


We believe in smart connectivity

When people, organizations and machines can communicate and truly understand each other, this opens up a world of opportunities. This is what SmartNow strongly believes in. And that is how we help businesses get maximum return, control and efficiency from their fleet of self-service machines.


Let us connect your fleet. From the latest already smart devices to the most ancient machines. Let us introduce them to our state-of-the-art IoT platform. They can then communicate with any other machine, system, provider, organization or individual. Unlock endless possibilities.

We’re on a mission

We believe in harmony between people and machines through overall interactivity. Because… only when people, organizations and machines interact effectively can they enjoy their full potential. That’s why we provide businesses with control over their fleet of self-service machines.


It’s our mission to connect all self-service machines. We are as agile as possible to enable even ancient machines to talk to our state-of-the-art IoT platform. This allows them to interact together with all other machines, systems, service providers, people, organizations and whatever else is required to help stores roll as nicely and efficiently as possible.


We are SmartNow, a Dutch technology provider. We empower on-the-go shops by unlocking the opportunities that come with smartly connected self-service machines.

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