Quick-serve restaurants

Serve your business with connectivity

More and more self-service machines are an important part of the business:

  • Coffee machines
  • Self-service checkouts
  • Snack walls
  • Vending machines
  • Restroom turnstiles
  • Points of sale


By connecting the machines to your business systems through our platform you can increase your return substantially. And at the same time, you will get 24/7 insights and control over the machines.

Some example use cases

As soon as we have connected your self-service machines to our platform you get great opportunities for your business.


  • Pay for your products with the cashier and get your products yourself by scanning the QR code on your receipt at the machine
  • Increase coffee sales and prevent fraud by adding our PayStation to your Coffee Machine
  • Shorten the queue at the counter by adding payments to self-service machines
  • Let your staff drink a number of free coffees per day by using our enhanced QR-code voucher system
  • Make a subscription model for your self-service machine, e.g. 20 free coffees each month, or EUR 50 monetary value again every month
  • Let consumers pay for their restroom visit at the turnstile and a QR code is printed which will give them a discount on coffee or on any POS.
You can read the story of the quick-serve restaurant FEBO here.

Smart benefits


Increase your return

Get real-time insights and control through two-way communication. Add payments and discover commercial as well as operational opportunities.


Be vendor-independent

Sit back. We maintain connections to all machines, payment terminals, POS, BOS, or third-party systems. Now and in the future.


Use your own systems

All your machines will exchange their sales and machine data directly with your existing POS/BOS systems.

How does it work?

  1. We connect all of your self-service machinery to our platform.
  2. If required we can add payment functionality to your machines.
  3. We integrate your machines into your business systems.

From now on you are in control of your fleet and. You get access to many commercial as well as operational insights and functionalities.

One API. For all your self-service machines.
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