Our voucher system:
creating promotions was never easier

A stand-alone system that helps create efficient on- and offline promotions? SmartNow has you covered. Create and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of vouchers, coupons and gift cards.


Our voucher system works out-of-the-box with SmartNow PayStations and integrates with your own equipment, systems or applications through API.

Loyalty and dynamic pricing in self-service retail

Supporting all vouchers

Our voucher system supports different voucher types, like:

  • one time / multiple-use discount coupons
  • renewable discount coupons (e.g. 3 redemptions per day)
  • gift cards with a deductible balance
  • staff vouchers​

Convenient features

Our voucher system is built with features that make the lives of marketers, business owners, or store managers easy:

  • easily create voucher campaigns and edit vouchers in a user-friendly web portal
  • create custom rules and properties that fit your needs
  • control where and for which products vouchers can be used, when they expire, and more
  • customize copy and logo on coupons, export print-ready PDFs
  • manage and track vouchers in dashboards, reports and redemption history
SmartNow voucher system

Extensive API for seamless integration

Via our API you can control and manage all your vouchers. Via API you can:

  • deliver vouchers in your own loyalty app, website, social media, and more
  • create & redeem vouchers at your point-of-sale, kiosk, and more
  • manage your voucher campaigns
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