Elevating hospitality with data-driven service and efficiency

In the dynamic world of hospitality, crafting exceptional guest experiences reigns supreme. Embracing smart self-service solutions offers a game-changing advantage.


With streamlined operations requiring fewer staff, seamless billing integration, and the added perk of digital vouchers, these technologies empower businesses to deliver unparalleled service while maximizing efficiency, profit and guest satisfaction.

Some examples use cases

As soon as we have connected your self-service machines to our platform you get great opportunities for your business. E.g.:


  • Switch your coffee machine between paid and free mode; e.g. after breakfast, the machines will be set to paid mode
  • Send guests a free digital voucher for a free water or coffee from your vending machine when making an online booking 
  • Let your staff drink a number of free coffees per day by using our enhanced QR code voucher system
  • Let guests use your vending or coffee machines and bill them for the consumptions they had during their stay
  • Let guests buy products at a Self-Order-Kiosk and dispense the products automatically at a self-service machine

Smart benefits


Increase your return

Get real-time insights and control through two-way communication. Add payments and discover commercial as well as operational opportunities.


Be vendor-independent

Sit back. We maintain connections to all machines, payment terminals, POS, BOS, or third-party systems. Now and in the future.


Use your own systems

All your machines will exchange their sales and machine data directly with your existing POS/BOS systems.

How does it work?

  1. We connect all of your self-service machinery to our platform.
  2. If required we can add payment functionality to your machines.
  3. We integrate your machines into your business systems.

From now on you are in control of your fleet and. You get access to many commercial as well as operational insights and functionalities.

One API. For all your self-service machines.
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