Our car wash solutions: adding new functionalities to existing OPT's

The SmartNow retrofit kits add different payment methods and loyalty to your car washes. Whether it is roll-overs, tunnels, jet washes, or vacuum cleaners, we connect them all. And don't worry about different brands, models, ages, or different outdoor payment terminals.


Wash related services

We also connect self-service machines for your wash related services like:
- vacuum cleaners
- air pumps
- wipe dispensers
- car mat cleaners
- interior parfume machines
- etc.

We have certified brands like Christ, WashTec, Savona, Hansa, AIR-serve and more to come.

Do you want to connect with another brand? Don’t worry, we will certify it within 8 weeks.

Smart benefits


Increase your return

Get real-time insights and control through communication. Add payments and discover commercial as well as operational opportunities.


Be vendor-independent

Sit back. We maintain connections to all machines, payment terminals, POS, BOS, or third-party systems. Now and in the future.


Use your own systems

All your machines will exchange their sales and machine data directly with your existing POS/BOS systems.

How does it work?

  1. We connect all of your self-service machinery to our platform.
  2. If required we can add payment functionality to your machines.
  3. We integrate your machines into your business systems.

From now on you are in control of your fleet. You get access to many commercial as well as operational insights and functionalities which will increase your machine’s return easily.

One API. For all your self-service machines.