Why smart technology plays a vital role in public restrooms

One of the ONE HUNDRED restroom facilities

ONE HUNDRED restrooms offers eye catching, innovative services. In a field that we don鈥檛 discuss every day: they operate premium public restrooms across Europe. Their aim is to increase human well-being: by changing the definition of a restroom break. It is a so-called full-service restroom formula at high traffic locations such as shopping malls, train stations and fuel stations.

FEBO鈥檚 iconic snack walls have now got smart!

The iconic snack walls of FEBO are connected through SmartNow

FEBO is a famous chain of fast-food restaurants founded in 1941 in Amsterdam. It鈥檚 known for its self-service snack walls stuffed with the tastiest snacks from their own industrial kitchen. Among many other celebrities Johan Cruyff was one of their regular customers.