The future of fuel stations: a place to enjoy and relax

Our client Vissers Energy Group is a proud family business and has been around for more than a hundred years. The company operates a network of 56 fuel stations and quick-serve restaurants throughout the Benelux. Their shop formula Moments & More is the outcome of their strategy to focus on food, drinks, and experience: a place to enjoy and relax.

Fuel stations and smart technologies

How about the future of future stations? Vissers expects that it will be all about the shop formula. And thus, about customer experience and customer satisfaction. With Moments & More, Vissers introduced an innovative concept. To grow and get a better understanding of the customer needs, they use SmartNow technology.

“We get a lot of useful insights from the SmartNow Portal that we use to optimize our assortment, maintenance and customer experience.”

Customer retention

Marcel van der Boor, Coordinator Technology & ICT at Vissers Energy Group : “Next step is to reward and retain customers. Think about targeting people with special offers or offering a discount via a QR code. SmartNow technology makes this possible without any development needed.”


Uptime key criterion in a 24/7 economy

Buying a good cup of coffee or a snack at one of the self-service machines at any time, paying by cash, card, or by scanning a QR code, can help increase customer satisfaction. It’s important that the self-service machines never go down. And when they unfortunately do, immediate insights and control are needed. “SmartNow provides us control directly from our headquarters. And SmartNow support is there when we need it.” 


Independent technology

Different vendors offer different platforms and technology that don’t cooperate. The result is inflexibility, errors, downtime, and spending on additional investments. SmartNow solves the problem andlets every self-service machine talk with any other system.


Marcel van der Boor explains: “The SmartNow Platform makes us independent and flexible because they can connect any type and brand of device and provide commercial and operational insights. Where we now mainly work with coffee self-service machines, we will expand to other facilities such as restrooms, snack walls, and car washes. We want remote control over our complete fleet of machinery. We work with SmartNow because they make sure we can do this.”



Many thanks to Marcel and Vissers Energy Group for sharing! We’re looking forward to the continuation of our partnership for many more years.


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