Cross-sell and upsell strategies in self-service retail

With thousands of connected self-service and vending machines in different countries, we see certain trends for upsell & cross-sell strategies in retail with vending and self-service machines. Below is a list of examples of how smart technologies help drive revenues and create a seamless customer journey.

Cross-selling with toilet vouchers

Upsell with toilet vouchers

Cross-selling with toilet vouchers is a widely used strategy nowadays in service & fuel stations. The setup not only keeps toilets cleaner but it drives customers to higher-margin products such as coffee machines, car wash or in the shop. Make sure that the QR-codes are unique and not a static code that can be used unlimited times. This will open endless new opportunities. 


How could this be used to drive new revenues:

  • The customer pays a toilet entry fee at the toilet turnstile with SmartNow retrofit kit

  • Once payment is done, the unique discount voucher is printed

  • The customer can scan this voucher to get a discount on any self-service machine, like a coffee machine, or at the cashier in the shop.


Upsell with combi-deals

Upsell with combi-deals

Classic retail strategy can also be realized at the self-service machines connected to the SmartNow platform. 

A good example of upselling extra products with combi-deals is:



  • The customer selects a beverage at the coffee machine

  • The customer scans a combi-deal product’s barcode (cookie, croissant, etc.) right at the PayStation connected to the coffee machine

  • The customer pays the combi-deal and gets their coffee dispensed


Cross-sell from OPT to Carwash with real-time data

Cross-sell from OPT to Carwash with real time data

Connecting machines to the internet not only brings the possibilities of digital payments, predictive maintenance, etc. Smart-connected machines also can be used to improve customer experience and guide customers to different products & services.


An example of driving car wash sales is:

  • The customer is fueling or charging his car and the pump terminal shows in real-time which car jet wash boxes or roll-overs are currently vacant

  • The customer can immediately buy the car or jet was program at the pump, via his mobile phone or even in its connected in-car-payment

These are some examples of how SmartNow technologies can play a crucial role in enriching your digital customer journey, collecting big data, and boosting your business.

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