How to use loyalty in self-service retail

Before we dive deep into loyalty and self-service retail, we first need to understand why loyalty is important. Loyal customers are important because they offer repeat business, help you get new customers, generate high margins, increase your revenues and grow your business. It might sound obvious, but applying loyalty to self-service machines is not common yet. And that's a pity because we know how to handle.

Reward customers for money they spent

Upsell with toilet vouchers

A very effective way of increasing consumers’ loyalty, is to entice them to spend more in your shop.  Make sure that your Point-of-Sale (POS) and self-service machines are both connected a platform that creates and validates unique vouchers so that consumers can be rewarded to spend more.


Some examples

Rewarding customers who spent a certain amount on fuel and guiding them to buy more:

  • Customer spends a certain amount on fuel
  • POS automatically prints discount voucher for high-margin product (e.g. coffee) on a receipt
  • Customer is welcome to get a coffee with discount by scanning the voucher at the coffee machine

Reward customers with a free coffee when buying a car wash

  • Customer buys a car wash inside at the POS or outside at the car wash terminal
  • The POS or car wash terminal automatically prints or sends a voucher for a free coffee
  • Customer gets his free coffee by scanning the voucher at the coffee machine

Give a free product to make (unhappy) customers happy  

  • The cashier has a client at his desk and want to give him something to make him happy
  • The cashier can let the POS print a QR-code for a free product with high margin (e.g. coffee, toilet entry, jet wash, etc.) 
  • The client receives his free product by scanning the voucher at the self-service machine


When your Point-of-Sale is connected with the SmartNow Voucher platform, all loyalty options are immediately available. 

Earn or burn points at vending machines

Earn/burn points at vending machines

Most mid and large sized retailers today have some sort of loyalty system in place. How cool would it be if your loyalty members can ‘earn or burn’ loyalty points at a self-service machine? That would be great, because usually these machines have high margin products. 


It might seem difficult to have your loyalty program communicate with your self-service machines, let alone pay with loyalty points. Not with the SmartNow platform as we allow integration to any 3rd party loyalty system to earn/burn points on self service machines. 

For example:

  • Customer selects a beverage at the coffee machine with the SmartNow PayStation
  • Customer scans his loyalty card
  • Customer pays the drink with a bank card
  • SmartNow PayStation sends the transaction data to the 3rd party Loyalty system
  • Loyalty system adds points to customer’s loyalty account
We support a wide range of use cases from scanning a barcode to swiping the plastic card with a magstripe to contactless NFC with a smartphone app. Share your existing loyalty program with us, and hear how we can enrich your loyalty program by integrating your self-service machines.

Use pre-paid vouchers

SmartNow Gift card vouchers on vending machines

Selling prepaid (or gift card) vouchers to your customers will make them definately loyal. They will return to your location to using the pre-paid voucher. Because they are back at your location, the chance of cross- and upsell is high.

You can make these vouchers attractive to offer clients more that what they pay for, e.g. “Buy €50 worth of coffees for just €40”. In addition, as a retailer you get all the revenues upfront. Creating pre-paid vouchers for any self-service machine is part of SmartNow Voucher system.


Collecting valuable data


Having insight in customer behaviour like purchase history and preferences, can be used to understand how your members behave. This can help improve your loyalty program and marketing campaigns.


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