How smart self-service plays an essential role in the transition to mobility hubs

As the transition to electric vehicles progresses, it is evident that service stations are evolving into true mobility hubs. The demand for these hubs, where customers can stop, relax, and shop, is growing exponentially. These destinations provide a hassle-free retail experience, encouraging customers to stay longer and visit more frequently. We will explore how a new generation of self-service machines are essential in this transition.

How to use dynamic pricing in self-service retail

Dynamic pricing in retail shops has become a prevalent strategy that allows businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and maximize their revenue. This pricing model, often driven by sophisticated algorithms and real-time data analysis, enables retailers to adjust prices based on factors like demand, competition, time of day, and even weather conditions.

How to use loyalty in self-service retail

Loyalty and dynamic pricing in self-service retail

Before we dive deep into loyalty and self-service retail, we first need to understand why loyalty is important. Loyal customers are important because they offer repeat business, help you get new customers, generate high margins, increase your revenues and grow your business. It might sound obvious, but applying loyalty to self-service machines is not common yet. And that’s a pity because we know how to handle.

How to use vouchers in self-service retail

In this article, we give some examples of how (digital) vouchers can easily be used to increase your revenue, start new income models and get more and loyal customers. Let’s take a look at how SmartNow’s voucher system can help companies apply different marketing strategies on self-service machines. It is good to mention that our voucher system works out-of-the-box with our PayStation and any loyalty system connected with our API.

Cross-sell and upsell strategies in self-service retail

With thousands of connected self-service and vending machines in different countries, we see certain trends for upsell & cross-sell strategies in retail with vending and self-service machines. Below is a list of examples of how smart technologies help drive revenues and create a seamless customer journey.